Review of Greenfest 2019


When people come together beautiful things are born. We all have the capacity to be amazing and to impact a lot of people and even this world. That is exactly what happened last weekend at Greenfest in Hampstead Norries. The event was a free community event aimed at providing lots of ideas, solutions & fun activities to help towards a more sustainable lifestyle. There were talks throughout the day from subjects like bees, community orchards and climate change. The event was spread over the village covering a large enough area so that they were able to include a lot but not so large that you couldn’t walk the area easily enough. Walking from the car park we were met with a cheerful scene of brightly coloured homemade flags and re-purposed pallets used as homemade signs. The first field was filled with information on things like electric bikes from Velospeed which I personally am very interested in, companies working with solar energy like Sims Solar, tips on sustainable fashion like Victoria Lochhead – Personal Stylist – Frankie and Ruby, and local campaigns like West Berks Climate Action Network. Plus brilliant food including fish and chips from Go Fish and Chips serving up sustainably sourced fish. Plus the added benefit for people with kids is being on the local village field there were loads of play equipment on site so that we could make sure the kids stayed entertained while we got lots of information.

Aside from the play equipment on the field there were so many creative, free activities for the kids throughout the event meaning that it was easy to make our way around the whole event without difficulty as there was always something to do. They even had a craft tent near the talks so that parents could participate and listen in.  So much care and thought went into the layout of the event meaning that families could get the full benefit.

And there was so much information and brilliant stalls selling a wide variety of eco friendly products. Products like Eco-friendly jewellery from Jewellery by Emma Roy, deodorant from Posy London, beeswax wraps from Little B and our local Sesi refill company Thatcham Refillable. And this is all in no way an extensive list, you can find out more about all of their stall holders from the day here.

We arrived at the event with one talk on our radar so figured we would have about an hour at the event, 4 hours later we finally left. It has been a long time since I went to an event where we were able to have so much fun with the kids and yet still walk away feeling like we got to walk away with such great content and food for thought. I can only imagine the level of work that went into running an event that large and I hope that each of the organisers were given a big glass of wine and a sit down after it. But I do hope that they are able to see what a valuable event they created and I would love to see it run again. Did you go to Greenfest? What was your favourite part?

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